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Thursday, July 10

It's the Little Things...

I offered to make dinner for my father-in-law tonight and though he thought that I was doing him the favor, it was really beneficial for me!  My mom and I took the boys to Trader Joe's which is always a thrill.  We don't have any Whole Foods or Wegman's or Trader Joe's near us, so shopping there is a lot of fun.  I bought things to make baked ziti, cucumber salad, and garlic bread for dinner and then tossed a few other goodies in our cart as well:  Rainier cherries, Trek Mix (almonds, cashews, and dark chocolate), Sea Salt Brownie Petites, and sea salt, turbinado sugar, and dark chocolate covered almonds.  Yummy!  It really helped to read a recent post from the Kitchn blog, What Are Your Favorite Trader Joe's Products?, which my mother pointed out to me before we left.  Plus, Lila posted about Roadtrip Food last night and it really made me excited to check out the things that Trader Joe's offers!

In a lot of ways, this week has really dragged by, but we're nearing the end and we'll be getting our girl back on Saturday.  Our eldest son is hoping that he'll feel ready to go to camp next year (he'll be seven), and if that happens, it'll be very interesting to see how Mama and Button fare for the long week without them.  It's been neat to see the two boys playing (and fighting!) this week without their sister.  She is a little mama and usually always ready to help smooth our day along, but as the days go by, the boys are figuring things out.  We really miss her, but she is having a great time!

Saturday, July 5

Happy Namesday, Sugar Plum!

Our sweet little girl is celebrating her namesday!  We love you, Sugar Plum!  May your patron saint guide and protect you!

Thursday, June 12


Happy ninth anniversary to my beloved better half!

Tuesday, June 10

The Beginning of the Week...

I finished up my Seashore Cowl and just have to block it and tuck in a few ends.  I really like it, but it is so muggy here that I can't really wear it yet.  I may have to wait until autumn.  I've started a new project and will share it with you tomorrow!

It began pouring buckets this afternoon and I encouraged the little ones to play in the rain.  I sat on the porch swing and took a couple of pictures while they wandered around.  The boys worked on a waterfall creation and Sugar Plum walked through puddles.  They got chilly about an hour in and so we went in for a warm bubble bath and dinner.  

We are gearing up for a lot of fun the rest of this week...  Father John has a special work project going on and it is our ninth wedding anniversary on Thursday!  I can't wait!

Saturday, May 31

Twenty-Four Hours...

My mother-in-law took the trio to her house for an overnight and will be keeping them until Vespers tonight.  It is the first time that we've done this without having anything pressing to do or anywhere that we need to go sans children.  I had no list of things to complete while the children were gone, but ended up finding a lot to occupy me.  The big projects were to clean the house and dump some junk left in the attic by the previous owner.  The rest was more relaxing:  knitting, reading, a little television, some chainmail work, and lunch out with my husband.  Oh, and sleeping in.  It was very nice and very quiet...  sometimes we don't know what we need until we unexpectedly get it!  Thank you, Grandma! 

Monday, May 26

Happy Day!

Our day was chock full of fun today!  Sugar Plum had lunch out, time in the swimming pool, pretty gifts, cupcakes (from a bakery!) and we finally finished putting together the bunk bed for the boys' room which meant a very late bedtime for excited children!  

Photos of the bedroom to come tomorrow some time...  it was too dark to take any snaps once we finished everything tonight!


Happy, happy birthday to the dearest of daughters!  We love you so much!

Monday, February 10

Reading in Bed...

With our schoolwork completed before lunch and the crockpot doing it's magic on dinner, Sugar Plum and I got cozy with our books in the big bed this afternoon.  We quietly read our while the boys ran around the house playing together.  I glanced up and saw this and had to take a photograph.  Sugar Plum has been slow to read, but a few weeks ago, things really clicked for her.  Father John and I can no longer resort to spelling things out because she can figure out what we are trying to hide!  It is an exciting time and I feel like shouting to all the mamas and papas of struggling readers:  "Don't give up!  It will get easier!  The real secret is not in a fancy curriculum or a special website. It is in good old fashioned practice, patience, and time!"*

*All last year, I was a basket case trying to get this child to read.  I tried a thousand different books and websites and was not patient with her or myself.  This school year, I just made it a priority to practice every single day and reminded myself frequently to take a chill pill!  

Thursday, December 12


I cannot believe that Little Man is six years old today!  May God Grant You Many Years, Blue Eyes!  We love you!

Wednesday, December 4

Namesday Boy...

Today was Little Man's Namesday!  He was an easy boy to please:  he wanted tuna subs for lunch, a pomegranate (the little ones have been wishing for one for a few weeks), and chocolate cake for dessert!  Next up is his sixth birthday on the twelfth.  Where did the time go?

Wednesday, October 23

The Sound of Music...

For awhile now, Father John and I have been discussing music lessons.  We both had piano instruction growing up and sing in church, and we hope that we can foster some musical ability in our little ones.  We decided that we wanted to invest in a piano sometime last year, but with all the goings-on at the church, we did nothing about it.  

Once the school year started up, I began thinking about piano lessons more.  We would talk about it and plan to look for pianos sometime soon.  It was all very vague.  On Friday of last week, I idly looked up desks (we're looking for one for Sugar Plum...  though as of tonight, we seem to have found a solution that we already had!) and pianos on Craig's List.  I showed Father John some of the ones that I found and then went off to take care of the children.  Excitedly, Father called me back to the office to show me a 100 year old single strung English piano that was gorgeous and unique.  We e-mailed the people selling and made an appointment to see it (with some parishioners that are professional pianists) on Tuesday night and by lunch time today, this beauty was in our playroom waiting to fill our house with music!  It needs a little work, but the couple that sold it to us gave it to us for a song (ha!)!

I remember going to buy a  piano with my mother and father when I was a little girl, and I really think that our little ones will remember our piano outing when they get older.  The couple who was selling the piano were so nice and accommodating to our family.  They had two little cats (Inky and JoJo) and allowed the children to play with them and feed them little cat treats.  Their home overlooked a harbor with boats docked and we were able to watch the sun set from their many windows while the piano was inspected and the couple told us about their family.  It was very sweet!

Sugar Plum seems to be the most eager about lessons and has been "playing" away for the whole day.  We'll be getting a piano book soon and then Father John will begin reacquainting himself with playing and then will start teaching the little ones.  I really think that it will be a great thing for him and for the children...  it is good for them to each get to spend some time with him learning something new!

Do you have any suggestions for piano books?  I saw that Teaching Little Fingers to Play has good reviews and I seem to remember using it when I was a little girl, but that was obviously a long time ago! 

Thursday, October 3

Candlelight and Starlight...

Last night, just as I was finishing up the bedtime routine for the little ones, the power went out.  I lit the vigil lamp in our bedroom and my little trio fell asleep all snuggled up in our big bed.  I sat in the living room watching the candles flicker and just enjoyed the quiet.  Later, I went out to check on the power workers and was so happy to see a sky full of stars!  It reminded me to download Sky Guide onto my phone...  now that it is getting so dark in the early evening, it would be the perfect time to take the children out to star gaze!

Thursday, September 19

Oh Blah Dee, Oh Blah Dah...

It's been such a weird day here...  I've been worrying about Alex and Juliana all day, but life goes on (remember that show?) for these little kidlets of mine.  We zipped through school this morning so that we would be free to go to our first homeschool gym class.  It was so much fun!  Everyone was able to participate (even Button!) and I thought that it was well thought out and well staffed.  We had several friends that signed up too, so it was almost like a playdate for the mamas, too!

Almost as soon as we arrived home, Father John suggested heading over to the beach.  It was really the perfect day to go.  Not too hot and not too cold, just right.  The little ones rode bikes when we came home (Sugar Plum is just about to have her training wheels removed!) and then it was off to bed.  The big kids and I snuck out to check out the full Harvest Moon a few minutes ago.  Did you see it?

I've been glued to my phone all day, texting and calling family and friends.  It seems like Alex is on the mend, but it will be a long road.  I have ordered my sister a book to help pass the time, but don't really know what else to do for her from a distance.  She says that she has plenty of food being brought to her by family and friends, so that is out.  Any thoughts?

Wednesday, September 18

Alex (UPDATED)...

Please pray for my new brother-in-law, Alexander.  He was commuting home from work yesterday on his bicycle and was hit by a car.  He has a skull fracture and had been admitted to the neurosurgery icu.

*Updated on September 19th, 10am*
Though Alex's second CT scan shows more bleeding, the neurosurgeon says that he is optimistic that Alex will make a full recovery and that if anything was going to develop that would need surgery it would have already.   Thank you for all of your prayers!  I will keep you posted! 

*Updated on September 19th, 9pm*
The Neurosurgon is optimistic about a full recovery for Alex!  As of 4pm, he was not getting worse, so the doctors feel that he is out of the woods!

Monday, August 12

Alex and Juliana...

I cannot believe that my little sister is married!  It was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful reception.  As it seems to always happen, I forgot the camera in my hotel room, so these pictures were taken with phones (the top by me and the bottom by my sister).   

The neat thing about this wedding was that we were able to enjoy ourselves for several days.  Juliana worked it out so that the hotel (which was terrific, by the way!) gave us a special rate and put everyone on one floor from Friday afternoon through Monday morning.  It was very exciting to be able to visit with all of our relatives and family friends whenever the mood struck.  We were there for a wedding, but it was really like a family reunion! Father John was terrific this weekend.  He watched the children pretty much the whole time and gave me the chance to really feel like I was part of the wedding festivities!  It was a wonderful weekend!

God Grant You Many Years, Alex and Juliana!!

Monday, August 5


Getting ready for the feast of Transfiguration was on the agenda today.  We bought groceries:  festal things like grapes (four types), flowers, and salmon and also normal things like oil for the lampadas, cereal, olives, hummus, and bread.  We took a leisurely trip to the park to enjoy the mild temperature in the early afternoon and then I spent a little time winding a new skein of wool for my blanket, making eggplant caponata for dinner, and tidying up.  Tomorrow is the feast and we'll bring baskets of grapes to be blessed and have a little bring-your-own-lunch pool party with our friends.    Then it will be time to prepare for the wedding!

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