Thursday, August 21

When Emma Met William...

A Navy Gingham Tent...

While my sister and her family were visiting a week or so ago, we worked on making tents for our little ones.  I had made the tent frame for our family around Pascha, but wanted to make a fitted tent cover to go with it.  Kate sewed up covers for our tent in navy gingham and seersucker for their family.  I drilled holes for the dowels (we used dowels that were 5/8" because that was the size of the drill bit we had) and we also bought 5/8 chair caps for the tips of the dowels which prevents them from slipping out of their holes (Thanks to a great employee at Home Depot who suggested that!).  I am so please with how this little tent turned out and the children really like playing in it!

Wednesday, August 20

Yarn Along: Riverbank Cowl...

I have been working on my Riverbank Cowl this week and it has been a pleasant knit the second time around.  The different types of stitches are very simple and it is easy to carry on a conversation with someone or watch a television show, which I really appreciate!  I cannot get enough of Kristin Lavransdatter.  I am on the last little bit of the second book (The Wife) and have spent at least an hour each night this week reading as much as I can before I fall asleep.  

Tuesday, August 19


I made the plum torte that Elizabeth mentioned on her blog a week or two ago.  Oh my!  It is delicious and really, really easy!  My children were in the church with their father and grandfather on Monday night for less than ten minutes looking at all of the improvements Father John has done since Grandfather's last visit.  I was able to mix up all the cake ingredients, pour the batter in the pan, and get more than half of the halved plums nestled in to the cake before my little ones came tumbling in to help.  

Two confessions:  

1.  I bake for stress relief.

2.  Though I want to teach my children how to bake and cook so that in the future I will live a life of leisure, I do not find the actual task of baking/cooking with little people stress relieving.

The kidlets helped me finish up and then I popped the cake into the oven to bake while I put them in bed.  We enjoyed the cake all together for breakfast this morning (alongside our eggs and bacon)!

In a nutshell, this recipe will be a staple in our summer kitchen.  It is a wonderful little cake for children to learn with and I will enjoy having a very simple dessert in my repertoire for evenings when I need a few minutes to myself!  Win!  Win!

The Shoemaker's Children...

Grandfather came to visit us yesterday and we put him right to work.  Despite the fact that we have four priests and one deacon in our extended family, we did not get our house blessed until yesterday!  Orthodox Christians get their homes blessed yearly after the feast of Theophany.  Theophany is in January.  Yes, we are the naughtiest of the naughties.  

We celebrated with a nice chicken dinner (roast chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and peas) with ice cream for dessert.  The rest of our evening was very low-key.  Little Man has figured out how to ride his bike without training wheels, so the children spent a lot of time outside riding bikes on the driveway through the woods.

I'm not sure what we will end up doing the rest of the days that Grandfather is here, but it should be a fairly relaxed visit.  We need that after the past few weeks of activity that we have had here!

Saturday, August 16

A Summer of Cakes...

Strawberry Summer Cake

Blueberry Summer Cake

Blueberry Blackberry Summer Cake

Peach Summer Cake

 One of my summer goals was to bake cakes with each of the fruits that we picked at our favorite farms and orchards during the summer months.  I used Smitten Kitchen's recipe for Strawberry Summer Cake and just modified the recipe by putting on whatever we picked.  I think that my least favorite was the strawberry...  I just don't like baked strawberries.  My favorite was peach!  I have only two little peaches left from our peach picking adventure last Sunday, but this cake was worth it! 


If we are truly concerned about the strife in the world today, let us begin by overcoming anger in our own hearts by striving for meekness and humility. If we are upset by the violence and destruction in the Middle East, let us direct our energy to bring peace to the conflicts within our own families. If we are horrified by images of human beings injuring and killing one another, let us offer an image of Christ by giving alms to those in need in our own neighborhood."

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