Friday, April 17

Bright Friday...


Bearing Life and more fruitful than paradise, brighter than any royal chamber:  Thy tomb, O Christ, is the fountain of our Resurrection. 

Thursday, April 16

Bright Thursday...


In the tomb with the body and in hell with the soul, in paradise with the thief and on the throne with the Father and the Spirit, wast Thou, O boundless Christ, filling all things. 

Wednesday, April 15

Bright Wednesday...

Thou didst descend into the tomb, O Immortal, Thou didst destroy the power of death!  In victory didst Thou arise, O Christ God, proclaiming "Rejoice" to the myrrh-bearing women, granting peace to Thine apostles, and bestowing resurrection on the fallen.

Yarn Along: Home...

While we were on the phone yesterday, my sister asked me about my current knitting project.  With Holy Week Services and preparations for Pascha, I hadn't knit a stitch and had no projects in mind.  I decided to cast on (160 stitches rather than 100) to a Lottie Cowl for our daughter last night, though.  I needed something to keep my hands busy and this cowl is extremely simple.  I love the texture of it and think that it was the perfect use of my last skein of Farmhouse White.  I knit it (and the Lottie Beret) for my little niece a few autumns ago and since Sugar Plum lost her Worn Denim Honey Cowl (grrrr), she's been asking for something new.  It should be done in another day or two. 

We are reading Home on repeat around here.  It is a gorgeous little picture book with very few words and the illustrations are amazing (especially the page that pictures a babushka's house).

Tuesday, April 14

Bright Tuesday...

Before the dawn, Mary and the women came and found the stone rolled away from the tomb. They heard the angelic voice: “Why do you seek among the dead as a man the One who is Everlasting Light? Behold the clothes in the grave! Go and proclaim to the world: The Lord is risen!” He has slain death, as He is the Son of God, saving the race of men.

Monday, April 13

Bright Monday...

Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ, let us worship, the holy Lord Jesus, the only Sinless One! We venerate Thy Cross, O Christ, and Thy Holy Resurrection we praise and glorify; for Thou art our God, and we know no other than Thee; we call on Thy name. Come, all you faithful, let us venerate Christ’s Holy Resurrection! For, behold, through the Cross joy has come into all the world. Let us ever bless the Lord, praising His Resurrection. For by enduring the Cross for us, He has destroyed death by death!

Sunday, April 12

Our Pascha....

Christ is Risen!  It has been such a nice day.  Holy Week flew by and towards the end, there was just no time to do everything that I wanted (or needed!) to do.  It was kind of a relief to just throw out all of my to do lists just before I walked through the door for Nocturns at 11:30 pm. 

We had a very nice early dinner this afternoon, so I wasn't too surprised when the children were hungry again just before I tucked them in.  I made them one of our favorite warm weather meals:  little plates of sliced ham, cheese, boiled egg, yogurt, pickles, and strawberries...  easy, quick, and filling!

I'm not too sure what adventures Bright Week will hold for us, but I know that it is going to be wonderful!  We'll take a little break from school and Father John will be able to step back a little from church responsibilities and work.  For now though, it is time to catch up on some sleep! 


P.S  Those perfect little monastic dolls in our children's Pascha baskets are the work of the talented Rebeca Groover of Pearl and Poppy!

Our Paschal Menu...

Spiral Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze
Hard Boiled Eggs
Strawberry Blueberry Trifle (with homemade pound cake)

The Feast of Feasts!

Christ is risen from the dead,
Trampling down death by death,
And upon those in the tomb,
Bestowing life!

Thursday, April 9

Great and Holy Thursday...

We have a bucket full of tulips in the corner of our dining room just waiting for Great and Holy Friday.  Enjoying the beautiful blossoms indoors and out is a balm to my weary soul and body.  I had planned on doing a full week of school during Holy Week, but I threw in the towel today.  We were able to get in three days and that is good enough.

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of Great Lent.  The Feast of Feasts is nearly here!

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