Tuesday, July 7

Yarn Along: Winter Woodland Pullover...

I'm one skein of yarn into my second boatneck pullover.  It is a lovely jet black color (Cascade 220 sport) and I have decided to name it Winter Woodland Pullover.  I am really happy with how it is turning out so far and though it is going a lot more slowly than my Stone Cottage Pullover there's plenty of time to get it finished.

Now that I am watching Poldark on Masterpiece on Sunday nights, I've started listening to Ross Poldark (the first book) on audiobook.  It is very good!  I'm also reading a little of Mary Oliver's poetry.  I discovered her work through a few friends on Instagram and so far I have liked what I have read. 

Monday, July 6

The Opposite of a Bear...


I went out in the blazing heat to return library books, buy eggs, and take care of the banking.  Now I'm on my bed with the fan whirring, enjoying the stillness before I take the children outside to swim.  I'm the opposite of  a bear:  I'd like to hibernate in the summer and come alive again when the weather cools. 

Sunday, July 5



Berries in the bramble patch
Pick them (but mind the thorns don't scratch)"

Shirley Hughes 

Living and Learning: This Week...



Church in the Home  
Our little girl has a namesday this week (July 5th) and we will be reading one of our favorite books on Saint Elisabeth the New Martyr.  One of the gifts we are giving her is this little figure of Saint Elisabeth hand painted by Sue of In the Loft.  I am so pleased with how it turned out and cannot wait for Sugar Plum to see it!

We were away from home this past week and got home quite late on Friday.  Needless to say, Saturday was a flurry of laundry, grocery shopping, and tidying.  I also forced myself to clean the bathrooms.  In recent months, I have begun to clean them on Saturdays after one too many visitors to our church have come through our front door and made a beeline for the potty before realizing that it was a bathroom in the rectory and not one in the church!  To be fair, people only enter our house when I forget to lock the door!

Have you seen Poldark on Masterpiece yet?  I watched the first episode a week after it aired and loved it!  It is the tale of Ross Poldark's return to England after the Revolutionary War to rebuild his life.  If you like what you see in the trailer, you can watch the episodes you missed online.

Kitchen, Pantry, Table
Peach season is here!  We will be going out to pick them this week and I cannot wait to eat a ripe, juicy peach right off the tree...  complete decadence!  I want to make a plum torte this week, but use peaches instead.  I have a feeling that it will be wonderful and will report back on my findings!

I've finally found the polish that I will be using for my at-home summer pedicures this year and it is Essie nail polish in Vanity Fairest. I love the delicate color!  I am terrible at keeping up with my polish, so this pale color helps to hide that.

Saint Elisabeth the New Martyr...

Causing meekness, humility and love to dwell in thy soul,
    Thou didst earnestly serve the suffering,
    O holy passion-bearer Princess Elizabeth;
    Wherefore, with faith thou didst endure sufferings and death for Christ, with the martyr Barbara.
    With her pray for all who honor you with love.

Saint Elisabeth's life can be found here.

Saturday, July 4


Mama: I really love you.
Sugar Plum: I have a deep regard for you, as well.

Wednesday, July 1


Today is Father John's ninth anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood.  AXIOS!

July Sponsor News...

Welcome back to Liturgical Time! 

Liturgical Time provides handmade infinity veils, chapel veils, mantillas, and Christian headcoverings for their patrons to wear in church, at prayer, or in everyday life. They are the creators of the Eternity Veil - the original infinity scarf style head covering. They are able to take special orders, and to provide some customization, so don't hesitate to make special requests. Their veils are made with prayer and packaged with care. Please stop by their shop to buy a beautiful headcovering!
Remember:  Ten percent of gross sales from Chapel Veils at Liturgical Time Veil Shop is always donated to charity. At the present time, this money is being used to provide emergency assistance to the victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal.

Tuesday, June 30


I cast off the Fantoosh shawl last week and it is really a beautiful pattern.  I was a little taken aback by how small the littler version turned out to be, however, I am hopeful that will be a great shawl for my tiny sister-in-law.  She just finished up her residency and is going to be starting her first job as an anesthesiologist in the next few weeks.

I used Dr Zhivago Madelinetosh in Tosh Merino Light.   

A Wee Bit of Length...

Our girl is getting such long legs that we have been on the lookout not only for longer length dresses and skirts, but also for a slip with lace to extend some of the current things her wardrobe.  Enter, Hanna Andersson's pretty little girl slips.  They are light, airy, comfortable, and have a generous eyelet edge that adds the sweetest touch to my sweet girl's outfits.

Beautiful and Useful...

I bought a few little treasures at Purl Soho yesterday:  a packet of Fringe Supply Co. knitting stitch markers, one little metal measuring tape made in Germany, and finally, a Bellocq copper tea strainer.

Monday, June 29

Monday, Funday...

Today was the feast of Saints Peter and Paul and we were so happy that we were able to celebrated with my father-in-law's parish on their patronal feastday.  My husband grew up in this church, we were married here, this is where Father John was ordained, and our daughter was baptised here, as well.  There are many happy memories for our family in this church.

After Liturgy and the festal meal, we went on a family trip to New York City.  The sole purpose of this adventure was to visit Purl Soho.  Sugar Plum and I had been there a few years,aho, but that was before we knew how special this little shop is to the crafting community.  We got to spend a lot of time perusing the gorgeous wares and even took home a few small treasures. 

Our day ended with bacon cheeseburgers - my very favorite food.   I hope that you had a Monday that was full of fun, too! 
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